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As a Mentor, You Can Grow While Helping Others

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Mentorship is life changing

Mentorship leads to insight, knowledge, and opportunities that can change the trajectory of one's life. As a mentor, you are able to foster the growth of a mentee while building leadership and communication skills. You have tackled school, navigated licensing, landed your dream job, and honed your skills. Now it's time to pay it forward and influence the next generation of healthcare workers.

Pave The Way

Share your experiences and help others improve their skills. Your time spent giving back on Medsembly means more prepared healthcare workers. We are stronger together.

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Earn CMEs

Earn CMEs through one-on-one mentorship sessions, posting educational content, offering in-person shadowing, or being a clinical preceptor. This experience is powered by CMEfy – an AI-powered platform that directs learners along a pathway to capture reflections at point of inspiration, point of care. Clinicians may earn CME/CE credit via ReflectCE, the accredited activity portal. Learn more at

Why Become A Medsembly Mentor?

  • Image Empower the next generation of healthcare professionals
  • Image Earn CMEs
  • Image Expand your networking circle
  • Image Land the next job opportunity
  • Image Rewarded for your time and effort
Become A Mentor
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How You Can Help on Medsembly

Offer in-person
Be a Clinical Preceptor
Post day-in-the life videos
and educational content
Review Personal
Review resumes and
Perform mock interviews
phone phone phone

Mentor on Medsembly

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FAQ for Mentors

Why should I join Medsembly

Medsembly gives you the opportunity to push the sector in the right direction by preparing the next generation of healthcare professionals. As a thank you—you receive commission on completing paid tasks along with a vast offering of perks, quarterly gift cards, and helpful tools to assist you as a working professional.

Who can be a mentor?

Mentors are individuals that can offer valuable advice and build relationships with students with similar career goals. Mentors must have already accomplished what the student is setting out to achieve, i.e. get accepted into PA school. Because of this, pre-health students are only able to be mentored, while once accepted into a program, a student can then mentor students seeking admission into a healthcare program.

How do I get started?

Download the app, create an account, and answer a few questions to let others learn more about your experiences and how you can help. We’re working to establish the most useful, full-spectrum medical community app in the world!

How will I participate in the Medsembly community?

You’ll be able to engage in one-on-one conversations with students and other professionals and post to our discussion boards. If desired, you have the option of helping students prepare for entrance into school by reviewing their applications, essays, and more! You will not only receive cash back for helping with tasks such as essay revisions and mock interviews, but receive quarterly gift cards for active and high rated mentors

Is there a time commitment?

There is no time commitment to be a mentor, you have the flexibility to help with as much or as little as you can. This goes from full on mentorship, or simply answering questions. You can also mentor as many students as you like with the option to not accept students during busier times in your life.

What can I help with?

As a mentor/coach on Medsembly, we ask to help students any way that you are able to, at any capacity. This goes from answering simple questions, offering in-person shadowing or being a clinical preceptor, to full on mentorship, to completing paid tasks.

Paid tasks:
Resume Review
Application Review
Personal Statement Review
Mock Interview
Supplemental Essay Review

How do I get paid?

While many of our features and services are free, we do have opportunities for mentors to get paid. Mentors get paid by completing tasks, our tasks and commission are below. You have 2 weeks to complete all tasks. Once you submit the reviewed task, the student will receive it and have 48 hours to review. Funds will be sent to your account after the student reviews the task. If the student does not respond within 48 hours, the funds will automatically be disbursed to your account.

Tasks and Commission:
Supplemental Essay Review with 1 revision: $20
Resume Review with 1 revision: $25
Application Review with 1 revision: $25
Personal Statement Review with 2 revisions: $45
Mock Interview, 1-hour, recorded with personalized feedback: $45

What if I am no longer able to complete a task?

As a mentor, you can accept as many or as little tasks to complete as you are able to. We understand things happen and allow mentors to cancel 48 hours upon accepting a task. Please contact us for any tasks to be canceled beyond 48 hours and remain in contact with the students to ensure they meet their respective deadlines.