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The Importance of Mentorship in Healthcare

Mentorship is integral for just about every industry. However, if there is one sector that benefits from mentorship the most, it is healthcare. Given the rigors, responsibilities, and stress healthcare workers face, it is imperative students are well prepared for a career in medicine. Mentors help guid physician assistants and healthcare workers and push them to unleash their potential. The role of a mentor or teacher cannot be understated. It is important that you understand the advantages of mentoring in order to provide quality care to your patients.

Empowering Future Generations

Since mentorship is cyclical, seeking inspiration from a mentor allows you to become a mentor yourself and inspire future healthcare professionals. Guidance from a mentor is imperative as an individual navigates academically and professionally. Having the support of someone that has been where you aspire to reach will prevent unwarranted confusion, mistakes, and stress. As we empower future healthcare workers through mentorship, they will have a smoother transition and be well prepared to yield greater job satisfaction, less burnout, and an overall stronger sector.

Increasing Diversity

One of the ways we can develop a truly diverse workforce is by promoting mentorship and playing an active role to help others, specifically underrepresented groups. The diversity of healthcare does not reflect just how diverse the U.S. population is. According to the 2020 NCCPA Annual Report, only 3.3% certified PAs are Black/African American and 6% identify as Asian. Creating more resources and opportunities for minority groups to get involved and be welcomed in the sector is crucial as we work to build a more equitable healthcare system. Students that generally benefit the most from mentorship are those from marginalized groups that do not typically have the resources and the guidance to achieve in healthcare.

Professional Growth

Being a mentor and helping the next generation of workers is not only a morale booster, but helps one to grow professionally. As you gain experience and become experts in your field, we encourage you to also advocate and bring awareness to your careers and those that will one day fill your roles. Ensure that the healthcare workforce remains strong with outstanding workers by sharing your knowledge, skills, and experiences with students and novice professionals as a mentor!

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